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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  January 10, 2019 3:00pm-4:00pm PST

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gravity. >> that is why, animals are great! ♪ [laughs] >> never miss an episode of "the five" ." "special report" is up next. brent, do you think animals are great? >> bret: i do, but i don't sing the song. thank you dana. good evening, welcome to washington i am bret baier. this is a fox news alert. president trump, how long has it been? president trump is taking his crusade for a barrier along the u.s.-mexico border to ground zero. today the president toward a security facility at one of the high traffic areas for illegal crossings. this comes the shadow of a partial government shutdown now almost three full weeks old and one day before for low workers missed their first paycheck. we have team coverage tonight. mike emanuel is at the capitol with democrats turning a pressure on republican lawmakers to open at least some of the government offices.
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we start off with john roberts. the president's southern swing to the fences. good evening. >> day 20 of the partial government shutdown a president trump, he is even more duggan than ever in his demands for some money to build some kind of a barrier along our southern border. he took his argument to the front line in the fight to control illegal cross-border traffic. >> just a few yards from the rio grande within sight of mexico, president trump repeated his threat that he is willing to declare a national emergency to build the wall at the border. >> we can declare a national emergency. we shouldn't have to. >> the president insists he would hundred% has the authority to declare a national emergency. while he says he wants to give more time to the possibility of negotiating an end to the herschel shut down, you could almost see his thinking evolving in real time. >> i have the right to declare a
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national emergency. the lawyers have advised me. i'm not prepared to do that yet. if i have to, i will! >> before his tour of president trump took in a briefing from the border patrol at the mcallen station. in the room, drugs, money and drugs seized from criminals. joining the group, the brother of the california police officer who was gunned down the day after christmas by an illegal immigrant. >> looking at that 5-month-old baby, looking for his dad. no one should ever go through that on christmas day. the mother of popular, a patrol agent killed by two illegal immigrants in 2014. >> no family should suffer the loss of a child. a parent should not have to bury the child. we need the wall. speak with the texas trip, president trump is trying to reinforce his case that there is a crisis on the border. humanitarian and national security, it urgently needs
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addressing. aiming to put pressure on democrats to come to the table and negotiate. >> democrats have refused to listen to the border agents. they say this is a manufactured crisis, what is manufactured is the use of the word manufactured. it is manufactured by them. >> nancy pelosi and says president trump is being petulant and his approach to border security and they shut down. pointing to his walk out yesterday's situation room meeting. balderdash said president trump today. >> i didn't raise my voice. that was a lie. what you should do is give them pinocchio. >> the president did raise a few eyebrows tonight. >> mexico will pay for the wall. after making it his mantra during the 2016 campaign, mexico would pay for the wall, he insisted, i never said they would actually give me the money. >> to think it will write a
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check for 20 billion or 5 billion? no. they are paying for the wall and a great trade deal. >> during the time of the campaign there was no usmca, all those campaign rallies and president trump never said that mexico would pay through enhanced revenue from a new trade deal. the president did point out a potential looming problem building south of the border saying the two new caravans have formed in honduras. one of them reported to be a strength of 15,000 people. the biggest caravan so far. >> bret: there are reports the president could tap the army corps of engineers for $13.9 billion in disaster relie relief. to build more than 300 miles of this wall. >> i've seen those reports, clearly if the president or to make a declaration he would have to get money from somewhere. the military construction but budget. i checked with the official couple of moments ago who told me, those reports are false.
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we will keep running it on for you. >> bret: john roberts, thank you. president trump will not attend the world economic forum later this month in switzerland. he is blaming what he calls the democrats and transcend on border security. steven mnuchin and other cabinet members are still scheduled to attend the annual event. meantime sent democrats are refusing to consider bills that have passed through the house to close some agencies. at least one democrat seems to be seeing things the president's way. mike emanuel is on capitol hill. >> senate republicans were trying to craft a way out of this shutdown by pairing border security money with some immigration measures, democrats would support that. fox has learned president trump killed it with negotiations apparently. democrats tried bringing forth individual funding bills, the majority leader shut them down.
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>> at the last thing we need to do right now is to trade, pointless, absolutely pointless show boats back and forth across the aisle. >> that hit a nerve with the maryland democrat. >> this is not a showboat issue. people are being denied their paycheck. >> democrats made two more attempts at funding agencies not involved in border security. agriculture and transportation housing. he has had those will also be on arrival of the senates. the adapter president trump's white house meeting with the top eight congressional leaders, nancy pelosi said the president prefers a soap opera over serious negotiation. >> not only was the president come on presidential, surprise. in his behavior. the meeting was a set up so we could walk out. i will say just that. >> the senate republican blames the speaker. >> i don't think she wants a
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resolution. she is much too intelligent and talented and has been in too many negotiations to be behaving the way that she has. >> they say it president trump personally killed an effort by lindsey graham to craft a grand bargain. >> i've never been more depressed about moving forward then right now. i don't see a pathway forward. >> she says it is about to get real when constituents was a paycheck tomorrow. >> speak with prison guards, we have people i am very concerned about. let the people living paycheck to paycheck. that will put additional pressure on everybody. >> a minnesota house democrat from the rural district says has constituents want more border security. >> they are still hanging with the president. today we got 67 calls for building the wall. we have five against. that sounds to me like he is
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pretty popular. >> senator graham is out with a statement encouraging the president to use his emergency powers to fund the wall with legal repercussions, he hopes it works. moments ago, the senate by voice approved back pay for furloughed workers. >> bret: mike emanuel, thank you. breaking late this afternoon the president's former lawyer and fixer, michael cohen will testify in public before the house oversight committee. that is not on by democrats. catherine herridge is here with details. >> the testimony is scheduled for february 7th, exactly a must before he must report to prison for campaign finance violations, tax evasion and lying to congress but a moscow trump project that never materialized. in a statement he says that he accepted the invitation, elijah cummings. in furtherance of my commitment to provide the american people with answers, i look forward to having the privilege of being afforded a platform with which to give a full incredible
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account of the events which have transpired. he said his team is consulting with special counsel robert mueller too much for the public testimony would not interfere with the ongoing probe. endless point out he headed off the case to the new york attorney months ago. he is appearing voluntarily after pleading guilty last year to campaign finance violations which included payments to silence a former "playboy" "pll and adult film actress. the president had a question on the develop meant. >> reporter: what you think of that? >> i'm not worried about that. >> his personal attorney rudy giuliani told fox they today that he is "a thoroughly discredited liar come democrats may be overplaying their hand by opening a congressional investigation before the report is final." >> bret: thank you. a scathing rebuke tonight of obama middle east policy, mike
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pompeo used unusually harsh language to rip into a strategy he calls misguided, wishful, naive and timid. it led to self-inflicted american shame. trey yingst takes a look from our middle east newsroom. >> secretary of state mike pompeo came to cairo university to mark a turn in the u.s. middle east policy. nearly ten years earlier, president obama came to the same place to share his vision. mike pompeo started by bashing president obama and his 2009 a speech calling out the former president for statements about 9/11 and the muslim world. >> he told you that 9/11 let my country to abandon its ideals. he told you that the united states and the muslim world needed a new beginning. in his remarks he laid out the trumpet ministrations plan for countering around influence in the middle east, talking what the u.s. sanctions campaign against the iranian regime in support of the iranian people.
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while the former cia director did not announce a new beginning for the administration in the middle east, he did lay out a shift in u.s. policy by leaving open the door to future rebuilding assistance for syria's regime. this on the condition that iranian and iranian backed forces leave the country and until the u.s. sees irreversible progress towards a resolution. the united states plans to withdraw all 2,000 troops from syria. it will continue to be involved in the fight against isis. he added the new u.s. policy requires a more involved role for regional allies. before his remarks, he met with egyptian president. he will travel from saudi arabia and four other gulf countries to discuss the u.s. fight against terrorism. >> is the fighting continues we will continue to assist our partners and efforts to guard borders, prosecute terrorists, screen travelers, assist refugees and more.
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assist is the key phrase, we ask every peace-loving nation in the middle east to shoulder the responsibilities for defeating islamic extremism. >> his speech covered other topics including the civil war in yemen. the israeli-palestinian peace plant and the militant group. he failed to acknowledge that in each of these conflicts united states has not produced any results bringing the region closer to peace. >> bret: thank you. back in this country there is growing controversy within the democratic party about catholicism. many progressives have been publicly critical of the faith and at least one democrat has had enough. doug mckelway shows us tonight. >> i'm not the catholic candidate for president. i am the democratic party's candidate for president. >> john f. kennedy change the trajectory of catholicism, critics status spreading again.
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the latest target they say is u.s. district court now many bishop was catholic and pro-life. >> i do not field assured that you will be able to put aside your personal feelings. and your ideological propensities. >> i will absolutely enforce and apply roe vs. wade. >> he is 1 of 1.9 million members of the knights of columbus, the largest catholic charitable organization. in a follow-up question to his confirmation hearing, they peppered him over whether he will end his membership or recruits himself in relevant cases. the grilling proved too much for democratic congressman, this week she called out him and other democrats who have weaponized religion for their own selfish gain. she cited the constitutions, there shall be no religious test for those seeking public office. they refused the request for an interview but said a statement,
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it is unfortunate that congresswoman based her misguided opinion on the far right wing manipulation. they are not alone. california democratic senator dianne feinstein growth other nominee about her pro-life catholicism. >> the dogma lives loudly within you. >> nucor check and brett kavanaugh faced a similar imposition from democrats and their allies, both attended catholic prep schools. it was recently skewered and a vanity fair piece, inside georgetown prep culture. that is a mafia phrase four, code of silence. next week confirmation hearings get underway for william barr, he too is a member of the knights of columbus and is a catholic, the republican see is right for courting. in washington. >> bret: thank you. the air you breathe was dirtier now than it has been for a while, that is the conclusion of
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new independent research, some democrats are using to justify a new push towards green energy. here is dan springer in seattle. >> in a report on carbon emissions projects the u.s. release 3.4 more co2 in the air in 2018 than the previous year. the second biggest annual jump and two decades. the author status due to the effects of a red-hot economy. more trucking, manufacturing and higher demand for electricity. >> we are in a boom cycle economy. >> many democrats are seizing on the report is an indictment of a president trump that has environmental policies and patting emissions. even though none have actually taken effect. >> it is a disaster. we have a president was a policy of denying what is happening. >> the jump and omissions coincided with the closure of a new record number of call generators replaced by cleaner
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natural gas, environmental assay that does not good enough. the country needs a green new deal. an idea being championed by democratic punishment, alexandria osasio-cortez. and then to gas vehicles ended all renewable power grid. >> it will cost billions of dollars that is a cheaper investment than doing nothing. doing nothing is the most costly strategy we have. >> "green new deal" is creeping into the new presidential race. elizabeth warren and cory booker have both supported it. >> we have a climate denier in the white house. clearly we need the federal government to join washington and the work we are doing. >> publicans don't see carbon emissions as a winning issue for democrats. >> middle-class incomes are going up and as they go up they will fly more, they will drive more, they will buy more merchandise which is great for the economy. >> climate change ranks low on the issues for voters, and a poll taken before lester's mid term only 2% said it was the
3:17 pm
most important issue. the crowded field of democrats in 2020, expect carbon to be king for some and we will have to hope the voters will follow. >> bret: thank you. up next, it may be the most expensive divorce and history. we will have the staggering number is at stake for amazon's founder and his estranged wife. first, here is what some of our affiliates are covering. in orlando, 277 guests and crew members aboard the royal caribbean oasis of the sea cruise ship had been struck by an outbreak of virus. the vessel is returning to port on saturday, one day early. passengers have gone to social media tweeting they were forced to stay on board after docking in jamaica, it was supposed to be a day of excursions. fox five and new york with testimony from a former i.t. expert for acute drug kingpin, a
3:18 pm
notorious seller is a facing huge charges. this i.t. expert is considered a major witness in the prosecution's case. he spoke today about his instructions for setting up surveillance and other systems. this is a laugh look at salt lake city from our affiliate, fox 13. craft breweries in the states are facing a crisis as a partial government shutdown prevents regulators from approving labels on bottles and cans before they can be sold. one executive says even if the regulators returned to work, some brewers would have to jump on sold beer down the drain. that is tonight's live look outside the beltway from "special report." we will be right back. ♪ he background and she's watching too, saying [indistinct conversation] [friend] i've never seen that before.
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>> bret: a classified briefing on capitol hill, steven mnuchin defended his recent decision to lift sanctions on companies linked to a russian oligarch, ally vladimir putin. he said the companies had made major changes and committed to what he called, an unprecedented level of transparency. nancy pelosi was very critical of the briefing a few minutes ago and called it one of the worst classified briefings
3:23 pm
they've ever seen from the trump administration. he said her comments were shocking. they will pay $305 million in fines to the u.s. government over admissions cheating allegations. the settlement was announced today by the justice department and the environmental protection agency, the automaker separately agreed to pay $19 million for california. the company will also pay $280 million to settle lawsuits. the dow provost for the fifth day in a row, its longest winning streak since the beginning of october. again at 123, the s&p 500 was up 12 monastic finished ahead 29. president trump says he wishes his sometimes bitter rival luck. he is referring to amazon founder jeff bezos, the world's richest man is embarking on what could be the most expensive divorce in the world, ever. susan lee joins us from new yor
3:24 pm
new york. good evening. >> shareholders of the world's largest company amazon have questions as to how the assets that essentially the ownership of the company will be split up. on wednesday morning, jeff bezos announced that he and his wife of 25 years were divorcing. the statement, the former couple said after a long period of loving exploration and separation, we have decided to divorce. we want to continue our shared lives as friends. he met his wife in new york and the early 1990s, both worked for the hedge fund and married in 1993, a year later they moved to seattle to set up amazon. their divorce announcement was made a few hours ahead of several reports suggesting jeff bezos is dating a former los angeles-based tea host and actress, the "national enquirer" published an expose that
3:25 pm
includes several intimate attacks and details over an eight month relationship. they been frequent targets of a president trump who is asked today about the news. >> i wish them luck. i wish him luck. it will be a beauty. amazon's stock has been down this week and investors are concerned how the divorce will affect the majority stake in the company worth more than $138 billion. amazon says he remains focused and engaged in all aspects of amazon. there is a large private portfolio of properties including mansions, in seattle, d.c. and los angeles. making this the most expensive divorce and history. according to reports they do not have a prenuptial agreement, washington estate law requiring assets to be split evenly between the couple, if true that would make her the richest woman in the world. >> bret: the president saying
3:26 pm
it is going to be a beauty. thank you. republicans say some democrats were used to favor border wall are now hypocrites. first, beyond our borders tonight. the venice billion president was sworn in to a second term today amid international calls for them to step down. the devastating economic crisis, a dozen latin american governments in canada have rejected the legitimacy of the next term. the u.s. has sanctioned top officials and his government. four motor company say it is cutting jobs in europe, part of what ford calls a wide-ranging restructuring as it focuses on its most profitable models. it shifts productions towards electric cars. they are revealing how many jobs will be cut. iran's president says his country will soon send two new satellites into orbit using iran made rockets. they have warned a large could help iran help develop their muscles and defies a u.s. security council resolution.
3:27 pm
some of the other stories beyond our borders tonight. we'll be right back. ♪ moving? that's harder now because of psoriatic arthritis. but you're still moved by moments like this. don't let psoriatic arthritis take them away. taltz reduces joint pain and stiffness and helps stop the progression of joint damage. for people with moderate to severe psoriasis, 90% saw significant improvement. taltz even gives you a chance at completely clear skin. don't use if you're allergic to taltz. before starting, you should be checked for tuberculosis. taltz may increase risk of infections and lower your ability to fight them. tell your doctor if you have an infection, symptoms, or received a vaccine or plan to. inflammatory bowel disease can happen with taltz, including worsening of symptoms. serious allergic reactions can occur. for all the things that move you.
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♪ >> bret: our top story at the bottom of the hour. tomorrow will mark the first missed paycheck for federal workers because of the partial government shutdown. president trump visited the southern border this afternoon as it is made no decision yet on whether to declare a national emergency to build a border wal wall. but, he could.
3:31 pm
they democrats are facing calls of hypocrisy for opposing and wall that they supported in the past. democrats say things have changed, times have changed. peter doocy looks at both sides from capitol hill. >> two years before being elected president, a politician still stick shaping his platfo. it was barack obama. >> the bill before us will do some good, it will authorize some badly needing funding for better fences and better security along our borders. >> the next standard-bearer of the democratic party even bragged about border barriers. >> i voted numerous times when i was a senator to spend money to build a barrier. the top democrat in the senate try to negotiate out of a shutdown, they said the progress looks like -- >> 630-mile borders to make of
3:32 pm
border fence. >> democrats believe a border wall is a public policy. >> 2006 prominent democrats voted for two layers of reinforced fencing in a secure fence act and then in 2013, all democrats voted for a bell including 700 miles of fencing and technology. >> what changed for you between 2013 when all the democrats supported a measure that had 70? >> 2013 2013 was massive refor. >> angus king voted for two but today he wants for details. >> i want to know what is actually being proposed. how many miles on location? >> bob casey, and other gas in 2013 says one thing get democrats willing to back a border, we should have a lot of discussions about border security. you have to open up the government first. >> part of the reasons the
3:33 pm
senate couldn't pass the bill, they couldn't commence any democrats to vote yes. audibly democrats and independents who voted five years ago for hundreds of miles of new border barrier, 34 of them still work here. >> bret: peter doocy, thank you. republican congressman steve king is fighting back against a "new york times" article, he says it suggest he is an advocate for white nationalism and white supremacy. here's the quote from "the new york times." "they hunted that language, how did they become offensive? " that prompted this response. these comments are important and racist and should have no place in our national discourse. this afternoon, he tweeted it is true that the founding fathers, i'm an advocate for western civilizations values. this conviction does not make me a white nationalist or white supremacist. once again, i reject those labels on the ideology that they
3:34 pm
define. they are growing concerns tonight that one potentially dangerous side effect of the personal shutdown, food safety inspections. how the lack of them could make you or your family very sick. national correspondent says details from los angeles. >> eggs, seafood and lettuce, no one wants to get sick from what they eat which is why the fda routinely inspects food facilities from farm to fork. >> we will look into seeing the farmers are complying -- >> because of the shutdown, 41% of the fda's staff are furlough. two-thirds of food inspections are not being done. >> that includes milk and cheese and eggs, fresh fruit and produce. they are all regulated by fda. 80% of our supply. >> inspectors superbugs, rodents, eyeless locations
3:35 pm
include seafood processing plants and produce from potentially contaminated fields of the remand that recently sickened 62 in 16 states. food poisoning affects 48 million each year. the inspections reduce that by uncovering organisms that cause illness, like e. coli and salmonella. >> the responsibility of this agency is not some bureaucratic function, it is a life and death responsibility. >> the commissioner is trying to call back some furloughed workers to inspect high risk sites, critics say fda records already suggest potential violators are going unnoticed. >> lester in december we were seeing dozens of warning letters coming out of the agency. this year since the shutdown started, we haven't seen any. >> meet inspectors for the fda are working albeit without pay, the fda says a lengthy hiatus will affect human health without telling us what length it means.
3:36 pm
>> thank you. president trump toured a border security in southern texas, the impasse over the border wall on the government shutdown drags on. we will hear from the president and get reactions from the panel after a quick break. ♪ that rocking chair would look grahh, new house, eh?e. well, you should definitely see how geico could help you save on homeowners insurance. nice tip. i'll give you two bucks for the chair. two?! that's a victorian antique! all right, how much for the recliner, then? wait wait... how did that get out here?
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♪ >> there should be easy to get approved through congress. these same people that are holding it up have approved it many times before. these people have proved it a few years ago. now all the sudden they are not. they came to me with a package beyond the barrier. if it was something that we all agreed with that the senators agreed with, but everyone likes, just common sense. most of this is common sense. i'm prepared for anything. i'm prepared for the lawyers. that doesn't stop people from suing. >> bret: president trump along
3:41 pm
the southern border will be on hannity later tonight on this channel. as we learn about the day and with the trip entailed, we get reports on the hill that we are confirming come of the white house has directed the army of engineers to see if they can divert money to the border wall for disaster funding. that is for california, her cans in texas, puerto rico. basically looking at what money is available, what funds could be diverted to a border wall. that being confirmed as the shutdown continues. again, friday marks the first time the paychecks will not go out. let's bring in our panel. david brody, chief political analyst for the christian broadcast network. morgan ortagus, jonathan swan, national reporter. lindsey graham's effort at the moderate coalition to get some compromise seem to fall flat on the face. we are back to ground zero.
3:42 pm
>> it does seem -- everything i'm hearing for the administration, they have given up on a congressional solution which means declare the emergency which will take them into a court fight or omb, the budget office has been looking for creative ways to find other pots of money that they can move around. most of it comes down to the pentagon. all of these options are politically and legally challenging. it is no surprise that he is looking to tap into these disaster funds. lots of money appropriated by congress. a lot of it hasn't been spent and trump has already said privately that he wants to stop getting money to puerto rico. it doesn't surprise me that that is where they are heading. >> bret: republicans are pointing to democrats who have spoken a lot about border security. take a listen. >> we have a humanitarian crisis
3:43 pm
on the border. >> i voted on numerous times when i was a senator to spend money to build a barrier. >> i voted for that. >> i'm deeply opposed to illegal immigration. i call the federal government, the president of the immigration services to stop the influx of illegal immigrants in this country. >> if we don't do it this year, if we don't do it early next year, we may not get to do it for generation. >> bret: 2013, a bill called, "the border security economic opportunity." there are 35 democrats of the 54 who voted to pass the bill were still in the u.s. senate. among other things, $42.5 billion for border control agents, 700-mile fence. modern technology, they point out that it included the
3:44 pm
comprehensive side. at least the start of a pathway for these folks inside the country. >> it is amazing watching your montage is how drastically the mainstream consensus of the democratic party has changed in just ten years. if you were to say some of the things that barack obama said about running -- and he was running for president about immigration you would be labeled as a heretic in today's democratic party. this is a party of open borders, of abolishing i.c.e., demonizing these individuals. this party has taken an extreme position on immigration. what the president must do is continue to make the case that he started to make on tuesday which is that he is trying to come to the negotiation table, he is trying to make a deal. if he does take the measures jonathan talked about, you will have to make the case to the american people that he has tried and exhausted every effort to make a deal. it is significant that lindsey graham who has worked on every compromise possible has given up
3:45 pm
tonight. >> bret: are the democrats wavering at all question meticulous in. >> we had a president who said he would be proud to shut down the government. [boos] >> today we got 67 calls for building the wall. we got five against, it sounds to me like he is still pretty popular. i don't think the wall is going to solve all of our problems. it doesn't hurt anything. spewing there is a part of the democratic party that clearly is pro-border security and they are getting those calls. >> is a huge miscalculation by the democrats. there is no question about it. people will ding donald trump of the short term, but look at the long-term. this is a major disconnect. the mainstream media the ordinary average american, blue
3:46 pm
collar worker. most of them want this border protected. people get too caught up in the wall, the wall is code for, protect the border. when they see it like that, most people will agree with donald trump on this. i'm telling you in 2020 this is going to be -- it will really help the president. >> bret: unless you are a blue-collar federal worker. >> not many of them for donald trump. maybe in the military area. trump has had this explicitly. [laughs] he said it privately. he sees the federal workers as democrats. where becomes tricky as if we get problems at the airport with tsa and you start to see visible signs of chaos. that is when the pressure really goes out. anyone who thinks he will back off now, i don't know what they are smoking. what is he going to do? his supporters want him to stand
3:47 pm
strong. he is already gone so far. what is he going to do? >> bret: he is going to declare a national emergency. >> let's not pretend that nancy pelosi and chuck schumer has feelings for these workers. nancy pelosi has dug her heels on just as much as a president. >> bret: why aren't you compromising? >> it may have the president can keep up the messaging that this is about security, i'm trying to be reasonable and i'm trying to get to the table to show some empathy for the workers. if he keeps hammering that, he can make the case. it is the absurdity to think that chuck and nancy care more about federal workers in president rouhani. >> bret: real quick. >> it is personal with them and they don't know what to do with donald trump. you were supposed to know your enemy, they don't because he is unpredictable. >> bret: of next, is there an anticatholic strain of the
3:48 pm
democratic party? ♪ vitamins and minerals. boost® high protein. be up for life. back pain can't win. thankfully there's aleve back and muscle pain. aleve targets tough pain for up to 12 hours with just one pill. aleve back & muscle. all day strong. all day long.
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♪ >> the bottom line is, i will absolutely enforce and apply row first weight. >> i do not feel assured that you will be able to put aside
3:52 pm
your personal feelings. under ideological intensities. >> the knights of columbus as a catholic organization, it promotes catholic teaching about the matter. those are not extreme positions. >> bret: what about this? a democrat is criticizing other democrats from the same state. they wrote, the leader's weaponized religion are playing a dangerous game. the separation of church and state, and assess each of the health of our nation no american should be asked to renounce his or her faith or membership in a faith-based service organization in order to hold public office. by opposing the nomination of brian bishop in nebraska, he is unqualified because of his catholicism, the affiliation with the knights of columbus than jfk and the liberal line of the senate, ted kennedy would have been unqualified for the same reasons. we must call this out for what
3:53 pm
it is. religious bigotry. it caught our eye. >> it has been present for quite a long time. just ask evangelical christians. join the crowd as we would say. this has been a big problem for democrats for a long time and it is hurting them at the ballot box. there is no question about it. whether they are blue collar democrats -- i truly believe that the hillary clinton language when she talks about how these shared religious views need to be done away with is what she has talked about. barack obama talking about, clinging to your guns and religion. we've heard that before. down the line there is a systematic removal if you will of faith from the democratic party. ask the pro-left democrats bared are they? it is not the only incidents. another confirmation, diane feinstein.
3:54 pm
>> when you read your speeches, the conclusion one draws is that the dogma lives loudly within you. that is of concern. >> you may not agree with someone's religion, but don't say to him, it is illegitimate for you to hold those positions. catholicism is not extreme. their attacks are extreme. >> i looked at the exit polling for the last few elections and there has been a bit of a shift of catholics away from the democratic party. obama won catholics 54-55. you are seeing a little bit of a shift. it is not usually pronounced. there have been some really interesting stuff written, the archbishop of new york wrote, a profound opinion piece in "the wall street journal" or in
3:55 pm
march effectively saying that he could no longer seeing high could be a catholic of good standing and a democrat at the same time. it is an issue that is being debated. spewing it does want to watch. >> this isn't just about anti-catholicism, that is what is on display. the old argument, can this man be both a catholic and a judge? i thought we settled that and 1960. if you look at the woman's march, documented anti-semitic comments coming from their leaders. the bds movement which chuck schumer had to scramble to prevent that boat in the senate, people of any sort of faith, religious people are starting to feeling this woke mob is a real thing. it is sent to silence people. >> bret: panel, thank you. who will watch this as a political element as it goes forward. martha is here in washington. we will get out of the way for her. thank you for inviting us into your home. that is it for the "special report" ."
3:56 pm
the story hosted by my colleague martha maccallum starts right after the break. we'll be back tomorrow, sean hannity has a president tonight at 9:00 p.m. ♪
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i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy. and last year, i earned $36,000 in cash back. which i used to offer health insurance to my employees. what's in your wallet? >> call it whatever you want. whether it's steel or concrete, you don't care. we need a barrier. >> martha: that was the president in mcallen, texas, today talking to border agents about the work they do there and what they see on the border every single day. it was an effort to draw attention to their firsthand side of the story. most of the networks did not carry it, though, so it's hard to say if it will have any impact whatsoever on this debat debate. >> this is terrible. we know better. we know what the cost is. to families. to our families. to our comnies


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